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Latest work

Illustrations for your

Latest work

Mural for Kwinkel kids store with lots of secondhand toys and delicious coffee.


How to make the best Gin & Tonic.

Reading is dreaming with your eyes open.

Mural for de Balie in Amsterdam.

The Fairy Tale Formula

Series in which I dissect fairytales and rebuild them into a new one.

What's love got to do with it?

It's just a secondhand experience.


Free work.


Mural in a private home.

Coffee spill

Mural for Coffee By Leonardo.

Moving Away

Personal series.

Drop your pants or I'll shoot

Three sided bathroom mural.

Conceptual filmposter

Made for the next James Bond movie.

Breaking down Walter White

Tribute to one of the best tv shows of all time.

FEZ Amsterdam

Work made for FEZ, a new brand with beautiful leather bags.

T-shirt design

Design made for Burgermeester,
an Amsterdam based organic burger joint.

Alice in Wonderland Series

Original pen drawings.

Desperate housewives

The stress of finding a babysitter last-minute.

Pin Up Series

Free work.

Marketing kids

About how marketeers manage to target children in supermarkets.


Non. Je ne regrette rien.


Personal work.

Buy nothing new project

Can you last a month without buying anything new?

Kids who are likely to become criminals

Prevention for kids with brothers or sisters in the criminal circuit.

The deception of home improvement TV

Let's face it, no one can build a house from scratch in 5 days.

Treating your kid like a baby for too long

Editorial illustration for Dutch newspaper Het Parool.

Mommy is in charge

About the shift of roles within the family.

Out of the wild

Personal work.

Johannes van Dam

Made for a special about Johannes van Dam in honour of him turning 65.


Made on commission to be printed on a wedding garment.

VIVA magazine

Various work done for VIVA magazine.

Zarayda Strips A Man

T-shirt designs with the 4 archetypes in men. The hero, the monk, the villain and the lover.

Nomad's Hotel

Illustration for an excerpt of the new book of Cees Nooteboom. About travelling and spirituality.

Unfold magazine

Illustrations made in assignment of Unfold Magazine.


Dark daydreams and neon nightmares. Personal series.


To give or not to give... Should parents with overactive children put them on Ritalin or not?

Shake it...

Shake it like a polar bear picture! Apparel design.

Say no

So many parents nowadays are too busy to raise their children properly, thus creating these little monsters who don't know the word no.

Go Nuts

Apparel design for BEASTEES.

Bear with me now.

Design for sweaters, male and female.


Undercover in the zoo. Personal series.


Hoo Cares?! Apparel design.


Who is the real beast? At least animals stick to the food chain. Apparel design.

Oh Deer

Apparel design. Made for BEASTEES.